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10th Aug 2014 at 8:54 pm

Captain Stupendo - snarf!


Hi guys long time no see. After seeing the news I thought I would come and see how the gang was doing and whilst here give you an update my life over the past few years.

Basically I'm engaged to be married to an awesome lady who happens to be my best friend. The few years since leaving school and my time on VR were tough but after getting through depression, heartache and all the usual crap life throws our way I finally got my sh*t together.
These days I'm a writer. I actually get paid to do it! I have an OK content writing job, would like something a tad more exciting but meh. I've also written two novels which the latest one coming close to topping Amazon USA's top fantasy list which was a bit of a shocker.
Anyway not much else to report really. Hope you are all OK.

#edited because I am actually really sh*te at writing on my kindle :/

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Never take life seriously.

Vel: I'm in!!
Πανδώρα: Beep beep. Its Tuesday.
Πανδώρα: It might be Wednesday by now. Not sure.
EvilTongs: It's definitely a day of some sort
Dinglebutt: Wednesday.... *takes long drag of cigarette*.... Now that's a name I've not heard in many a year.....
Claire: Pals and pals, it is FNSIC again tomorrow, please let me know if you need the details.
Πανδώρα: Testicle.
Claire: Hi guys, I’m Tess Ticle and welcome to my TED talk
Lucozade Lover: Activity in 2020? Hooray, nice to see VR life.
Claire: I’d not go that far...a lovely lovely zombie perhaps
EvilTongs: It was bizarre how a group of us spontaneously returned when the pandemic stuff kicked off.
Vel: Bizarre or playing the long game? Hmmm, Mr Tongs?
Bellatrixa: I'm just here to reset my password and go about my business, trying not to cringe too much at how I was affected by the abusive f*ckwit I was living with towards the end of my time on this site.
Πανδώρα: AAAARRRGHHH. That is all.
Claire: Lisa I love Lisa, kindest regards to Lisaaaaa
Crinkle-Cut Beatroot: Eating Jaffa Cakes thinking about WLW...
Πανδώρα: Beefy cheesemas to all, and to all a gravy brie
Rayanne Graff: Happy Easter.