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8th Aug 2014 at 1:01 pm

 Πανδώρα -

Pretty much the same as ever, seeing that there Alec. Down to 5 rabbits and two guinea pigs these days. Still have jake, lou and the snake. Recently gained a munched tail baby bearded dragon, too young to sex, but he/she is affectionately now known as Stubby.

Have a niece and a nephew. They've put me off breeding.
Dog walking & gardening to make ends meet. Still scared of everything, but getting better, slowly. Get to periods of thinking I'm fine, then boom, something stupid crops up and I can't do it. Makes me grumble.

Mum's Butt is looking good from her consultants point of view, treatment looks to have done it's job.
her head is in a much better place also. But still a ways to go.

Captain Stupendo

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10th Aug 2014 at 8:54 pm

Captain Stupendo - snarf!


Hi guys long time no see. After seeing the news I thought I would come and see how the gang was doing and whilst here give you an update my life over the past few years.

Basically I'm engaged to be married to an awesome lady who happens to be my best friend. The few years since leaving school and my time on VR were tough but after getting through depression, heartache and all the usual crap life throws our way I finally got my sh*t together.
These days I'm a writer. I actually get paid to do it! I have an OK content writing job, would like something a tad more exciting but meh. I've also written two novels which the latest one coming close to topping Amazon USA's top fantasy list which was a bit of a shocker.
Anyway not much else to report really. Hope you are all OK.

#edited because I am actually really sh*te at writing on my kindle :/

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Little Blue Fox.

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10th Aug 2014 at 10:54 pm

Little Blue Fox. - Hope is important.

Hope is important.

Quote: Claire, Aug 2014
Christoph, you bloody well should have posted that! You have such a lovely way with words, I think you've summed up what VR and James mean to so many people.

James, through VR, has helped me so much I can't even put it into words. I wish I could have repaid the favour.

Everyone is writing such amazing kind thoughtful things. I want to write so much, but I cannot think of all the words for all the things I really want to say.

VR changed my life a tiny bit, I think. I made so many amazing friends, and also it helped me find out lots of tiny things about myself. Everything was really encouraging and enthusiastic, always. Everyone helped me when I was really sad or scared or overwhelmed, but also they helped me when I was happy and excited about things too.

It is really weird. I did not know James so well, I think, but I did not know him so well for 12 years, almost. Please does it make sense at-all? I wish I knew him more. I only met him once. - He was really fun and smiley and encouraging and inclusive.
It hurts too much not to try.
I will see you in another life when we are both cats.
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10th Aug 2014 at 11:02 pm

PsyPo - The original potato.

The original potato.

It's humbling and wonderful to see so many people back here, out of great respect for the man who gave us all a place to come together in years gone by. I wish his family and friends my sincerest condolences and all the best.

To honour the topic; my own life thus far has been largely mundane, with the occasional cool thing happening every once in a while. I finished college in 2008, have been in and out of work ever since (recession & general lack of jobs in the region didn't help matters much). Been volunteering at my local charity shop since the latter end of 2009, had some fun times with a wonderful group of people, got me out and doing some work experience on my own merit, gradually building up motivation over time. Most recent job, doing data entry, was also my longest lasting to date, only ending a few weeks ago, though I'm determined to back into work as quickly as I can and have an interview on Tuesday, with another potentially in the pipeline.

Besides work, been following Spennymoor Town since 2007. After being egged on to join Myspace (remember that?) by a guy at college, got back in touch with a number of old school friends, one of which follows the aforementioned football club. Both of us still attend to this day. Since I started going the team has won their league four times (including last season, where they finally applied for and got promotion), had some above par FA Cup runs, and some huge journeys in the FA Vase, including a gruelling trip to Guernsey (one of the longest journeys in the history of English non-league football) and, ultimately, an incredible and unforgettable win at Wembley Stadium. Been a fantastic journey so far watching this small team gradually growing into something prominent.

Taste-wise, I'm developing an increasingly eclectic passion for music (though I still have my favourites of course), getting into some more niche video games I'd never have seen myself playing years prior, and most surprisingly I watch a lot less television/film nowadays and more on-demand stuff. Mostly anime series at the moment, including several series on Crunchyroll. My sensitivities seem to have matured somewhat as well, so I'm generally not inclined towards, say, more extreme or over-the-top series. Overall, I think it's this sort of sense of adventure in me needing to be sated, that feeling of wanting to explore and discover. Something I would really love to do in the physical sense, one day.

I haven't really kept in touch with Mega-Zine/VR folk all that much. I have a few people as friends on Facebook, including Sammy Tsang whom I sporadically have nostalgia-type chats with and some others, I'm also on the VR Veterans group, and I think I have at least a couple of folk on Steam as well. I'll be sure to revisit this community every odd occasion, if not on here then somewhere around. Once again, best wishes to you all.
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11th Aug 2014 at 3:19 am

Jewbacca -

I'm doing the same thing as George and talking at kids. The school even trusts me to be the only adult accompanying them on 90 minute train journeys to capital city for special events. It's cray.

Rayanne Graff

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11th Aug 2014 at 6:53 am

Rayanne Graff - River Phoenix

River Phoenix

Quote: Maeby, Aug 2014

Though it was one chip, I recall. Straight off the plate. Dude's famous, he can buy his own f*cking chips

Oh, Emma Watson and the panther incident.

i found the Emma Watson story; it's mentioned on page 30 and page 31 of the Singledom thread that's in Rants.

Dr Namgge

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11th Aug 2014 at 8:48 am

Wow, the place changed a lot since I was last here. Shame terrible circumstances remind us the place exists.

I was a complete tw*t back in the day (still am a bit now, but I'm getting better at spotting when I am being a tw*t), and can really only apologise for ... well everything really.

Nonetheless, after I left I started properly dating a wonderful girl who had just started uni that year. After a year of regular commuting, I finally moved out of my parents house, and moved in with her in Leicester as she started her second year of uni. Still together even now, not yet married, but she's definately the one I will marry eventually.

Took all sorts of crap jobs to support myself, ended up working in Asda for too long, before finally getting a volunteer position in a housing association. That lead to a full time,albeit fixed contract, administrative job in council housing.

The Girlfriend took a job after uni in Oxford, and the last year has been me trying to find work down there, while still working up here. Recently managed to secure a job in a prison doing administration, and within the next month or so will most likely start (waiting on a security clearence check which I've no doubt I'll pass). So for now it's packing everything up and searching for a home to rent.
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