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25th Oct 2004 at 2:23 am

Not here much.

I don't think much of booze either to be honest. Quite apart from the feeling of drunkness, alcohol tastes like shat.

And wanting to talk to people on your own "turf" isn't odd - I'm the same.

Although this could mean we're both odd...
Too often we lose sight of life's simple pleasures. Remember, when someone annoys you, it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown. But it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and slap the motherf*cker upside the head.

Banned Skywalker

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25th Oct 2004 at 11:32 am

Banned Skywalker - I love the Villa Revolution! Hail the Republic

I love the Villa Revolution! Hail the Republic

You sound quite sensible to me.
I'm an eejit.


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25th Oct 2004 at 11:41 am

 Πανδώρα -

you sound mostly like me..


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26th Oct 2004 at 1:08 pm

wombat - Technically sexy.

Technically sexy.

never really liked alcohol much myself either- anyone see that programme on TV about Britian's drinking problem last night?

I did.

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26th Oct 2004 at 3:35 pm

aporkalypse - rawr![/comedy finish]

rawr![/comedy finish]

what does everyone else want you to be then?
A firm favourite for fake alibis and general practices.

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Πανδώρα: Testicle.
Claire: Hi guys, I’m Tess Ticle and welcome to my TED talk
Lucozade Lover: Activity in 2020? Hooray, nice to see VR life.
Claire: I’d not go that far...a lovely lovely zombie perhaps
EvilTongs: It was bizarre how a group of us spontaneously returned when the pandemic stuff kicked off.
Vel: Bizarre or playing the long game? Hmmm, Mr Tongs?
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Claire: Lisa I love Lisa, kindest regards to Lisaaaaa
Crinkle-Cut Beatroot: Eating Jaffa Cakes thinking about WLW...
Πανδώρα: Beefy cheesemas to all, and to all a gravy brie
Rayanne Graff: Happy Easter.
IGH: Just who was The Brigadier
ratammer: squeak
IGH: Wibble
Vel: *sigh*
Emma: Hi VR...


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