Try Wales, Terrorists Urged.

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Albert Johanneson

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3rd Jul 2006 at 8:07 pm

Albert Johanneson - Outside-left


Carmarthenshire Tourist Board are hoping to boost the local economy with a series of initiatives being put in place in an effort to entice international terrorists into setting up splinter groups in the South Wales area.

Mayor of Carmarthenshire, Emrys Preseli Llyangfan has said that England, where London is, seems to have the monopoly on terrorist hideouts according to The Sun and Sky News, and believes that any disgruntled foreign aggressors potentially relocating to the UK under New Labour's encouraging immigration policy would be welcomed in South Wales with open arms and a blank benefit cheque.

The mayor also thinks this would be a benfit to the lazy, unkempt children who could learn new skills such as counter-espionage and effective assassination techniques, aswell as exchanging bushcraft survival tips. Riveting stuff.

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