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22nd Jan 2009 at 8:20 pm

Dissimulation -

BB King: The Ultimate Collection. [smiley=Cool.gif]


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23rd Jan 2009 at 10:13 am

Colin -

Quote: One_Winged_Angel
Quote: the_doc

as in "whole lotta fun, prizes to be won"?

A million in prizes, I suppose.

John Cage Bubblegum

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23rd Jan 2009 at 5:47 pm

John Cage Bubblegum -

Shellac - Wingwalker
Peter Kenyon has a medal


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25th Jan 2009 at 7:39 pm

Topper - Dismantling a person is sometimes necessary...

Dismantling a person is sometimes necessary...

Hero Theme - The Infesticons.

I hope some day, for some reason, David Duchovny is investigated by the FBI. Because that would make a great story.


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27th Jan 2009 at 10:45 am

Dinglebutt - I aim to misbehave

I aim to misbehave

Dancing in the moonlight - Thin Lizzy

Dare I say it, I kinda prefer Smashing Pumpkins version
Mal: Appears we got here just in the nick of time. What does that make us?
Zoë: Big damn heroes, sir.
Mal: Ain't we just.

Vel: I'm in!!
Πανδώρα: Beep beep. Its Tuesday.
Πανδώρα: It might be Wednesday by now. Not sure.
EvilTongs: It's definitely a day of some sort
Dinglebutt: Wednesday.... *takes long drag of cigarette*.... Now that's a name I've not heard in many a year.....
Claire: Pals and pals, it is FNSIC again tomorrow, please let me know if you need the details.
Πανδώρα: Testicle.
Claire: Hi guys, I’m Tess Ticle and welcome to my TED talk
Lucozade Lover: Activity in 2020? Hooray, nice to see VR life.
Claire: I’d not go that far...a lovely lovely zombie perhaps
EvilTongs: It was bizarre how a group of us spontaneously returned when the pandemic stuff kicked off.
Vel: Bizarre or playing the long game? Hmmm, Mr Tongs?
Bellatrixa: I'm just here to reset my password and go about my business, trying not to cringe too much at how I was affected by the abusive f*ckwit I was living with towards the end of my time on this site.
Πανδώρα: AAAARRRGHHH. That is all.
Claire: Lisa I love Lisa, kindest regards to Lisaaaaa
Crinkle-Cut Beatroot: Eating Jaffa Cakes thinking about WLW...
Πανδώρα: Beefy cheesemas to all, and to all a gravy brie
Rayanne Graff: Happy Easter.