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ANBY v3.0

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29th Apr 2005 at 4:29 pm

ANBY v3.0 - Officially female according to Pamplemeese Decree.

Officially female according to Pamplemeese Decree.

Do intermediate and you'd be bored sh*tless, and only have a so-so grade to show at the end of it. Do the higher, work for it, make committments, and you'll get a better mark, and it'll all be worth it in the end.

Incidentally, does anybody else have to do the stop-behind thing?
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29th Apr 2005 at 4:43 pm

JM -

I did the staying behind thing in order to do full course ICT.

Can't say it did me much good, but i came out with an A. Maths is a bit more of an important subject.

I could have done Higher Maths too, but stuck with Intermediate and got a B. If you're prepared to put in the effort for the higher paper then do it. A or B in Maths looks good though, and the intermediate is much more straightforward.

Chris Kamara

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29th Apr 2005 at 6:50 pm

Chris Kamara -

Three of my friends back in school had the same decision to make and they decided to go for it, and they all came out with A's. The way I see it, it's one hour of your life extra per week and a bit of hard work for a small part of your life. It's not a lot, and you'll be a lot happier if you achieve an A or an A*.

Personally, as i avoid work at all costs, i'd be quite happy to settle for intermediate. This is because i am a lazy c*nt. So I would say do as I don't.


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29th Apr 2005 at 7:08 pm

Do it.I'm doing Higher and even though I cry myself to sleep with worry (not really) I'm glad.Its easier to get a B in higher, hell in my mocks, I failed the non calculator paper (that day was bad)but aced the calculator paper and came out with a strong B overall. Though, that doesnt mean it isnt a HELL of alot more work, in Higher you do have to know a quite a bit more than Intermediate. I say do it.Its definately worth it and if you are already on a strong B in Intermediate which is hard to get, you'll be alright in the higher paper.

Mark Brogan

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29th Apr 2005 at 10:23 pm

I did intermediate maths, cause I decided I would rather get an intermediate B than a higher C....I'm crap at maths....and that meant I felt much less stressed and could put more work into what I considered my more important subjects. So, I did, I came out with a B, and I was way happier with my results overall than if I had been gettign all stressed. I don't regret it at all. The intermediate group was way smaller than the other groups, so I got much more attention and help with my maths tha I would have done in a higher tier group. So, I had a good experience with it.
However, if you think you can get an A, go for it! Good luck!!


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30th Apr 2005 at 12:59 am

Gary - I is not evil.

I is not evil.

The pessimist in me always tells me to aim to fail to avoid disappointment. Not in a "you can never achieve anything" way, but like a safeguard. If the absolute best I can do in something is 60% then I set myself up to fall back and maybe hit 50-55%. Go for a 100% and you'll probably end up on 95% which is still good.

Go for an A*, but fall back and get an A. You're still better off. Go for it, do the best you can and reach for the sky and all that. If you end up with a B then, like Martin said, you've lost an hour a week of your life for the time it takes. Which on the grand scale of things is peanuts.

This may or may not make sense when I read it later, but it works for now...

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30th Apr 2005 at 9:10 am

Rose - A very attractive man. Not me. Him.

A very attractive man. Not me. Him.

Quote: Satans_Little_Helper_
I did intermediate maths, cause I decided I would rather get an intermediate B than a higher C

i agree with this. i'd say only do the higher if the B is pretty much guaranteed. that way anything above that is a big bonus
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30th Apr 2005 at 9:37 am

Nemi -

Go for it. It's not going to be a fantastic leap such as those who did their GCSE in a year and then started the AS level in year 11, it's obviously a leap that you can handle.

But more importantly, if you can do it, the only way you can prove that to universitys and prospective employers is to have that grade on your record. I always went for a B grade, and more fun, as I was floating through getting B's, than a A* and a little bit more work.

This next bit is a bit long, so I just minimised it. If you're lazy, skip to where it gets big again:p

[sub]When this came to A-Level though, this all came crashing down. If my life had been completely uneventful, it would have been fine, but it wasn't, and halfway through AS I found I didn't have the ground work to sustain my

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