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A mad bad and dangerous to know person - well it goes with the personna. The highly comedic adventure franchise failed to appear due to someone being too lazy to do anything about it. Likes - Muffin's, Hot chocolate and anything scrummy, Pirates, Spaghetti, Jelly, Ice cream. hates - Hate is too mild a word for some of the things I dislike at the moment I have a strong dislike for guys who try to chat me up on Myspace. I had the delight of the "Crossbow Cannibal" chat me up with the delightful chat up line that he had a 5 inch thingy and he liked to have girls suck it. Still, it is interesting what will happen on his trial. Still I do get Turkish guys who are on the same level. I really hate kimchi damn the person who took me to the Korean restuarant and made me eat Kimchi it is the worst national dish on this planet - though Jajangmyeon is nummy and almost made up for the hideous kimchi which is mega-yucky.


Claire: Love
Claire: You
Claire: But
Claire: You
Claire: Cant
Claire: See this yet so I'm spamming
Claire: Also I love Stan he is a good boy
Πανδώρα: He got to go for a car ride today, so he is a happy boy too
EvilTongs: I'm also old, renting, failed engagement, working for JLR and still have my VW Beetle though it doesn't run anymore. It will do one day though.
the doc: Ey up f*ckers The Doc is in the gaff like
the doc: Prolly about seven years of threads to catch up on
EvilTongs: Man, this apocalypse seems to have brought everyone back to here. Well OK, not everyone. But some.
the doc: Strawberry
the doc: How are you doing dude?
the doc: Wow, the last PM I had on here was 14th Oct 2014
the doc: Goodnight VR. Peace to small trees.
Claire: What up Stu
Claire: Also Sam what is JLR?
EvilTongs: Jaguar Land Rover