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I've not written anything about myself yet. Oh wait, I have. I'm Jim but the name Jim was taken so now I'm Jimmy. It's the return of the "Who has read Jimmy's profile?" list spectacular so it is: 2006: Sabiya, That Thing, Tabitha, Boomalakka Wee, Gillian, James, Thomas, Marton™. 2007: Sarah, Martin, Lucy. 2009: Baz, Danny, Laura. My profile must've been sh*t in 2008, and all the other years. PM me now you've read thus far in my profile or you won't get an opportunity to appear on the list, oh noes!!


Luco El Loco: Wow I haven't heard that one in a while.
Crinkle-Cut Beatroot: I was in the shower and "Fluff The Evil One" randomly floated through my mind so I thought I'd stop by, hi 'ziners!
Captain Spiky: Considering I haven't been on this site for over a decade, I find it mildly terrifying that I still have an average of 1.71 posts per day...
Captain Spiky: I miss this place... Much loveage to anybody reading this x
Graham: Passing through, hope you beautiful lot are doing well!
Rayanne Graff: Bye; peace to small Christmas trees.
Crinkle-Cut Beatroot: Friday night just thinkin' about sharing jaffa cakes with WLW... <3
Maeby: Almost 4 years. Where did the time go?
Pope of Chilli Town: Time flies Alice.
Rayanne Graff: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Peace to small Christmas trees.
flicky: I'm back, 11 years on
Emma: ... and we get quieter and quieter.
Πανδώρα: Beep. Beep. Beep.
Rayanne Graff: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Peace to small Christmas trees.
EvilTongs: For a thousand years, I lay dormant. Now I return to wreak my- oh, there's nobody here.
Maeby: Happy new decade. Here's to hope, and love, and adventures.
Crinkle-Cut Beatroot: Happy new decade to you too Maeby, best wishes to all of you <3