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Πανδώρα: *jiggles*
oatibix: vegetable lockdown
Princess Psycho: Hi any of the old Ziners kicking around?
Princess Psycho: Anyway just to say hi to anyone who used to write to the zine - it's been 11 years now
Captain Spiky: I sorta hoped that by this point there'd be more posting going on. Tis a shame that the VR group on Facebook sees more action than VR itself.
Claire: I see more action than VR itself. And I’ve been married for two years.
Claire: In all seriousness I don’t think it’s doing bad just a lot of people have other distractions now
Captain Spiky: no, now is the time when people have literally nothing else to do.
Vel: Well, people still kinda come here for comfort.
Vel: It's just so Jamesy though.
Vel: EMMA!!
Πανδώρα: Flange.
Princess Psycho: Well anyway just to say my old email address is still valid
EvilTongs: Did I miss the sudden spike of activity?
Vel: Yes
Vel: Well, come back for Friday night staying in club
Princess Psycho: Yep I have been checking the site to see if anyone is as bord as me
Princess Psycho: and I am on my own maybe I should just get by rifle and take a potspot at fluffy for old times sake and to finish him off
Claire: Evil Tongs! (Sam?) I thought you died!
EvilTongs: Rmours of my demise have been... entirely fabricated, and are news to me!