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James Aitken 1984 - 2014.

Thank-you to all who paid their respects.

Thank-you, James, for touching so many. (*snigger*). Oh you know he would have appreciated *that*.


Belated congratulations to Stu and Ania for getting married.


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Record Set: Aug 2014

the doc: PMs, bloody hell. I'd forgotten all about them, it's been that long since I had one.
Rayanne Graff: Bye. Peace to small Christmas trees.
PsyPo: If anyone's passing by this nostalgic corner once more, hello, hope you're all doing well. Carpe each diem by the jewels, and have a cracking 2017!
Claire: James is here! Hi I hope your life is OK
Claire: Of course you will never see this because the shoutbox cuts everything off so the last thing I can see is something 6 posts back. Sighs.
Claire: Or maybe that's jugs an iPad thing. Anyways I'm shoutboxing like its 2005 and so that's nice
Claire: Jugs. Excellent autocorrect
Claire: If I keep posting maybe James will see
Claire: Not my jugs
Claire: Nearly thereeee
Claire: Good, well
Claire: I've really achieved something this evening
((: hello! i see ur messages! my life is cool! how are you? if ur still here
Claire: I'm OK ta, what brings you to these parts? It's been a long time and I often wondered how you were getting on.
((: i'm back because i'm a youth worker now + there are things on here that could do with being swept under the rug, lmao. especially because i used to be a bit more, er. completely useless at not giving out personal information online.
Claire: Well if it helps there is an option now to hide your posts unless someone is signed in
Claire: And I think new sign ups are off
Claire: In your profile there's an option
((: yeah! i've hit that ty <3 I'm just cleaning out stuff a wee bit anyways like, belt and braces.
((: it did mean having to confront my 12 year old poetry but i survived that with the help of a large glass of wine