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Captain Mal Reynolds

11th Feb 2009 at 12:52 pm

The guy I'm arguing with about 9/11 called someone else an escape goat on another thread

Claire: There's a world inside your PC in the depths of the internet
Claire: Where hoards (ha) of the bourgoise who occasionally have met
Claire: Will share tips on cleaning grouting and post about what they eat
Claire: It's really been a long time since the last VR meet
Claire: VR ooooh...
Claire: Hoards doesn't look like a word. Discuss.
Πανδώρα: a discus is a fish
Πανδώρα: I like to caress my toes with minnows
Carpet Remnant: For a specific reason or just for the halibut?
Πανδώρα: since I got my own plaice, I just like to clown(fish) around. I've got a bit of a tang for marine life.
Hurri: A few days late, but hoards is a word, it means to hoard, to collect lots of crap you don't really need... In the context above you probably wanted hordes.
Captain Mal Reynolds: Apparently, some groups of girls collect lots of timber planks and store them
Captain Mal Reynolds: Hordes of birds hoard boards
Captain Mal Reynolds: And they're not really that interested in doing it.
Captain Mal Reynolds: Plus, holes have been made in some of the planks
Captain Mal Reynolds: Bored hordes of birds hoard bored boards
Captain Mal Reynolds: I will stop now.
Claire: Oh loard
Emma: I am in the shoutbox at 5am... it's so 2006.


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