Escape Goat

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Captain Mal Reynolds

11th Feb 2009 at 12:52 pm

The guy I'm arguing with about 9/11 called someone else an escape goat on another thread

the doc: The cat, not Ania
Maeby: Whitby is still awesome.
Maeby: The idea of Ania being forced to live outside is also amusing :p
Maeby: Sorry for failure of replying promptly - I keep forgetting this window is open.
Maeby: But anyway, have a nice sleep
the doc: Hehe. It's cool man, please don't worry.
the doc: Gonna finish this beer and this glass of wine first, then cabbage
the doc: If I don't fall asleep here first
the doc: Being off work i brilliant
the doc: is^
the doc: Ooooooooooooooooooold skoooool
the doc: Me cousin bought me this when it came out. On tape.
the doc: I were about 9.
the doc: Time ain't been kind to it
the doc: Or me
the doc: I'm away to bed now cos I'll be up early doors with the wee man, but i;ll get back to you the morrow


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