YAHOO! Vegetable Revolution is now CLOSED. *Please Read*

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2nd Mar 2005 at 12:35 pm

Seaneen -


Hello everyone,

This is a notice to tell you that the yahoo group, Vegetable
Revolution, is now closed and not accepting new members. The group
has been inactive for some time now, and if you wish you continue
being member you should relocate to our forums at:

The yahoo group is no longer active, please don't post new messages
to it. The Revolution lives on, however, at where most of our members now are.

Please relocate if you wish to keep posting, but please DO NOT post
new messages to the Yahoo! group. Also please be aware that recent
messages have been spam so do ignore them. The Yahoo! group is now
closed and exists as a read-only site, please do not post new

Thanks for being on board for the past four years. Come join us over

Little Miss Clara, moderator

((: it did mean having to confront my 12 year old poetry but i survived that with the help of a large glass of wine
the doc: F*cking hell, is that Tabby?!
the doc: Always wondered what happened to you
the doc: Hope life's treating you well after all these years. Them were some f*cked up times we lived through.
the doc: Ah man, it was weeks ago. Ah well. If you drop by again, send us a quick PM and let us know how you're doing. I'd love to hear from you. I'm all grown up with kids and everything. Madness.
Luco El Loco: Greetings and salutations for anyone passing through.
SayNotAWord: Does this thing still work?
SayNotAWord: Oh good - I ended up here at the end of a Mega Zine nostalgia rabbit hole
SayNotAWord: Nice to see there's still life in this glorious old place
SayNotAWord: It's ya boy, Parsley Possum
Luco El Loco: Hello
Luco El Loco: Wow I haven't heard that one in a while.
Crinkle-Cut Beatroot: I was in the shower and "Fluff The Evil One" randomly floated through my mind so I thought I'd stop by, hi 'ziners!
Captain Spiky: Considering I haven't been on this site for over a decade, I find it mildly terrifying that I still have an average of 1.71 posts per day...
Captain Spiky: I miss this place... Much loveage to anybody reading this x
Graham: Passing through, hope you beautiful lot are doing well!
Rayanne Graff: Bye; peace to small Christmas trees.
Cooder: HIYA!


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