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22nd Feb 2005 at 10:26 pm


I believe that my topic is useful and I would like to share my thoughts
Islamic Economics :Freedom of Economic Activity ?

Islam seeks to guarantee the freedom of property owners to spend, give away, and invest it as he or she deems fit. With the exception of three general guidelines, set for the befit of society, such freedom of disposal is virtually unrestrained.
The first guideline is that earnings should not be based on cheating and swindling. It is imperative that the Muslim perform all his or her financial transactions and dealings with no cheating whatsoever. The Islamic stance on this point is so firm that the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said a phrase to the effect that one who cheats is not of the Muslims. Cheating infringes upon the rights of others and weakens the fabric of financial interdependence.

The second guideline is that there is no monopolization of necessities. Islam forbids the hoarding or monopolizing of goods and services, such as sources of water, that are necessary for the continuation of life and that properly belong in the public domain. Such monopolies would harm the public for the sake of a gain in the hands of a select few, thus the Islamic system expressly forbids them.
The third, and possibly the most well-known guideline, is that riba (loosely translated to mean


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23rd Feb 2005 at 5:05 am


Will you please stop bombarding people on your mailing list with messages

about Islam, the Islamic holy scriptures etc. it is past the point of merel
being annoying and I=E2=80=99m certain that there are a good many others in
the group
that would agree with me. This e-mail is not because of any sort of racial

prejudice or because I am a follower of any other religious faith. This is

merely to show a tiny part of the frustration I am feeling because of the

relentless persistence of this individual to ram it down our throats. If I
wish to
study the Holy Scriptures or hear about the Islamic philosophies and way of

life I can go to the local mosque and find out there. PLEASE STOP.

23rd Feb 2005 at 8:38 pm


I totally agree with you. I also think it's funny how
people get completely slammed for the slightest
'infringement of religious rights' for nearly all
religions but if I try to protect my Anglicanism from
people there's nothing I can say or do really. It's
weird, I work with Muslims of various types (the
strict and the lax) but the only reasons I've ever
argued with them is because they've been an a*se, not
because of their deity. If they wanted they could
twist it but I don't think they would.
In conclusion, I want to hate people for being an a*se
regardless of colour, creed or religon etc. etc. My
campaign will be called "free the a*se".
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