AL GORE has NO SENSE...He reads Dead People.....huh?

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21st Jul 2004 at 8:57 am


President of the United Studs wrote:
I still love Al Gore
but I don't like him so much
primarily because he is FOR abortion,
so WAD else can I say?

(annnnDUHHH ... he still outweighs me.)

Buttt...something new..

Ol' Al came out with the lengthiest diatribe of an epilistic pre-kindergarden failing bullsh*t speach here...

In a local paper.

I guess they were in great need of what we call "FILLER" in the journalism business.

Anything beats reruns of Peanuts.

But he was giving Georgie Boy a very hard time (again)..Hey there, Georgie Boy !

Saying that The President had

That he Xercised way too much POWER
in his office.

Then he went on to say..

What IF..
George Washington were alive today
annnnDUHHH WHAT would HE have to say about the way the cuRRent Preseident handled "things".


He told us what George would say,
were he here.
(really (really))

Then he did the Xact same thing with
Ben Franklin....annnnDUHHHH
Thomas Jefferson.
annnnDUHHHH I alredy forget who
ELSE he dug up annnnDUHHH told us Xactly what THEY would think say annnnDUHHHH do..........too

Al GORE can read the minds of DEAD men.

AnnnnDUHHH they have been dead for CENTURIES.

(Al is really (really) good...huh?.
(I think I may start telling people I was born in Mississippi instead of Tennessee.)

Well, lets get THIS straight guys annnnDUHHH dolls.

Remember the word EMPATHY?

Means.."I have been in your shoes."

Well, those old dead men have no idea what it is like to do much more in battle than throw stones, shoot an old gun, throw things at each other annnnDUHHH maybe they got their hands on some bows annnnDUHHH arrows, who knows?

But they did NOT have any idea what something like the World Trade Center would even LOOK like, much less what it would be coming down down down.

They had no idea what nuclear weapons were.

AnnnnDUHHH Al even goes to say that THOSE GUYS would be appalled to learn of the way some of the war criminals over there have been treated by OUR GUYS.

Wait a minute..

I think I hear AL saying something to me through his cosmic channels...

Yeah, you come in loud and clear, Al, ol' buddy..

He is saying that he hears the thoughts of the living too.

..........from millions of miles,
even so clase as to Iraq and Iran.

He probably hears all those war criminals singing to him...

"You Don't Send Me Flowers Anymore, Al."

Heck..war criminals are war criminals.

Our forefathers would probably have snapped all their heads off by now instead of conferencing for months on how to comfort annnnDUHHH treat them better...

AnnnnDUHHH.. BUSH just so happens TO BE the Commander in Chief..he is SUPPOSED to exert a tremendous amount of POWER when the TIME COMES..only the guys who wrote annnnDUHHH signed that Constitution had no idea what President G. BUSH would be facing over 200 years later.

I hope AL really listens to the dead men closer.

they may be writing a BRAND NEW Constitution.....
annnnDUHHH a new journal about how to treat assholes who are

Seems like Al is OUT TO GET US..too.

Oh, he's tons of fun in a crowd..
outdoors, he has that smile..

don't we all.

but..he is FOR murdering our own citizens before they are born.

With that in mind, who gives a damn what he thinks he thinks about George BUSH?

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !



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