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Rayanne Graff

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27th Jul 2011 at 10:36 pm

Rayanne Graff - River Phoenix

River Phoenix

(i hope things get better for you.)

Captain Mal Reynolds

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28th Jul 2011 at 8:45 pm

Captain Mal Reynolds - I aim to misbehave

I aim to misbehave

F*cking hell Alice....

Glad to hear your mam is alright. That's the main thing.

As for the rest, I can't begin to imagine how stressful everything is for you. I kinda feel that any of the usual lines like "Don't worry, it'll all work out" probably aren't going to help you much. Stress leads to health issues which leads to more stress, and it's a f*cking horrible cycle. All you can do is just take each day as it comes, take a few minutes every now and again to try and relax and clear your mind, and just try your best. Things will always happen which are outside your control, and all you can do is, with the help of those close to you, is just try your best in each situation.

tl;dr - Don't worry, it'll all work out
Mal: Appears we got here just in the nick of time. What does that make us?
Zoƫ: Big damn heroes, sir.
Mal: Ain't we just.

Claire: Or maybe that's jugs an iPad thing. Anyways I'm shoutboxing like its 2005 and so that's nice
Claire: Jugs. Excellent autocorrect
Claire: If I keep posting maybe James will see
Claire: Not my jugs
Claire: Nearly thereeee
Claire: Good, well
Claire: I've really achieved something this evening
((: hello! i see ur messages! my life is cool! how are you? if ur still here
Claire: I'm OK ta, what brings you to these parts? It's been a long time and I often wondered how you were getting on.
((: i'm back because i'm a youth worker now + there are things on here that could do with being swept under the rug, lmao. especially because i used to be a bit more, er. completely useless at not giving out personal information online.
Claire: Well if it helps there is an option now to hide your posts unless someone is signed in
Claire: And I think new sign ups are off
Claire: In your profile there's an option
((: yeah! i've hit that ty <3 I'm just cleaning out stuff a wee bit anyways like, belt and braces.
((: it did mean having to confront my 12 year old poetry but i survived that with the help of a large glass of wine
the doc: F*cking hell, is that Tabby?!
the doc: Always wondered what happened to you
the doc: Hope life's treating you well after all these years. Them were some f*cked up times we lived through.
the doc: Ah man, it was weeks ago. Ah well. If you drop by again, send us a quick PM and let us know how you're doing. I'd love to hear from you. I'm all grown up with kids and everything. Madness.
Luco El Loco: Greetings and salutations for anyone passing through.


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