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24th Jan 2009 at 4:55 pm

Velvet Soldier - The Turtle Moves

The Turtle Moves

So, where to begin?

I live in a very small village and drink in the very local pub. A girl has moved in opposite the pub, living with her grandparents who are both really nice people. She's a drug addict and an alcoholic. She has been doing really really well, getting herself cleaned up and going to counseling for her various problems.

Her grandparents had gone away for a week, leaving her and her partner in the house. On Thursday her partner came running over to the pub, and said girl had not only gotten completely wasted on alcohol, but also taken a vast amount of drugs. She'd passed out at the top of the stairs, fallen down and was now in an unconscious heap at the bottom. We got an ambulance, kept her still etc (luckily me and a friend I was with had done first aid for years) and sent her off to hospital. She's done herself quite a bit of damage, including damaging three bones in her neck apparently.

Anyway, it just really upset me, not just because she has so much potential that she is chucking away, but because her grandparents had to come home to this, and they don't deserve it. Was really sh*t for everyone. And now we have to wait to find out if there is any permanent damage.
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