My rant against a humdrum life.

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5th Oct 2008 at 8:58 pm

Obinice - Existential crisis mode.

Existential crisis mode.

I'm tired of all this non-life. I go to uni, but see nobody of interest. I come home, sleep, and go to uni again.

I do the odd thing which can be considered fun (seeing a friend, watching TV). But how fun is this, when it just gets repetitive?

I've just been sat in my room thinking/talking to myself, about life, about the journey. What is it all about? What is it all for?

Somebody said to me, that they rather look at the journey that is life than the destination. That's supposed to clear things up? Make things better? If you ask me, the journey is work, and the destination is eventual death.

Sure, we like to think that we live good lives. We have a week or two a year to go on holiday somewhere. We have a few "free" days a week, called the weekend. Though, that's not much time at all, and it's hard to find anyone that wants to really live it with you. They are more interested in mundane repetitive things, some of which can be fun, but regardless, they are so repetitive.

I can't be expected to accept going for a few drinks with a friend once a week to be the culmination of my waiting and work. I'm only 20, and surely it gets worse as I get older? That seems to be the current trend.

I want to live life. I don't expect to ever truly do that, to ever truly be free from the constraints of taxes, money, society, national borders, etc. But, I want to do the best I can, because I want to live a different journey than many seem to so easilly accept.

So, with all that thinking/talking to myself like a crazy person in my room done, I thought, what next? Which of my friends will want to do something new/different/fun? I realised the ones that might want to, are logistically unable to.

So I immediately thought of George's forum. Just the other day he mentioned that a few people from there had quite liked me, and I thought hey, new people, that sounds good.

I don't expect anyone here who doesn't know me/knows me from meeting me like once, to want to rush off and have an adventure somewhere exciting with me.

But is there anybody here who dreams? Looks past the "joys" of smalltalk and watching the match? Heck, is there anyone who wants a new friend?

Thus ends my rant against the humdrum life many of us lead unwillingly.

Oh and please, don't make fun of me. Last time I came here and tried to have a conversation, I didn't get much in the way of a positive result. If you don't want me around just say so, don't just take shots at my way of thinking, likes, dislikes, or opinions.

Chris Kamara

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5th Oct 2008 at 9:01 pm

Chris Kamara -

Have you not got hobbies or stuff you're interested in?


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5th Oct 2008 at 9:13 pm

Obinice - Existential crisis mode.

Existential crisis mode.

Now that I think about it, not really. I like computers, but there's not much fun one can have with computers, especially not with other people. I find that I can't enjoy much on my own, I like to experience life with people, rather than alone.

For example, I'm not the sort to go on holiday on my own. It just wouldn't be fun at all. But anyway, that's a bit off the topic of your question.

No, I don't have hobbies. Nothing I've tried has ever really appealed to me (sports, etc).

Chris Kamara

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5th Oct 2008 at 9:16 pm

Chris Kamara -

Get yourself out and about, meet some new people. There's plenty of ways, maybe through work, or joining a gym, a college course at night or the local church. Perhaps if you find new people, you will find new hobbies.

Mancomb Seepgood

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5th Oct 2008 at 9:35 pm

Mancomb Seepgood - Grog me.

Grog me.

Word. If you're at college/uni just join any society that you're even remotely interested in and most likely you'll enjoy at least one of them. The people involved tend to be passionate about whay they're doing and open to talking to new folk and getting them interested too.

Travel as well. It doens't matter if you do it on your own. When you're out of your comfort zone you're far more likely to get to know new people and go off and explore the place with them.

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6th Oct 2008 at 9:45 am

TinyShine -

Life can get very repetitive at times and it's easy to get stuck in a rut. And then it's difficult to break out of that...Doing something spontaneous is difficult and not everyone has a personality suited to that way of life.

Sometimes though, fear can really hold you back from the life you want to lead- Fear of what people will think of you if you do something different, fear of failing or of being rejected. And I kind of sense that about you, from what you said in your last paragraph about people making fun of you. I'm sorry if you got that reaction from VR before, it should be a place where people feel safe enough to be themselves.

It's not easy to 'face the fear and do it anyway'- whether it's joining a new society or taking up a new hobby....But you will never know what opportunities are waiting for you unless you give it a go. It's better to attempt things than to be left wondering what could have been.

When I was in my first 2 years at uni, my life was pretty much like you described. I was very shy and I was also quite unwell, so I had to spend alot of time resting and sleeping. It was difficult to get to know people and sometimes i wondered what the point was. By the time I reached 3rd year, I thought I'd let people know the real me and it was only then that doors started to open for me.

Now that I've moved to England, I have had to make a big effort to get to know people as i knew no-one apart from Martin and his immediate family. Sometimes I really have to motivate myself as I find it all a bit nerve-wracking. But through work and joining a local church, I'm finally getting to know people.

The reason I'm telling you all this is that it is possible to take small steps to break out of that rut and to make the most of your life. Just be brave and grab every opportunity you can. I know it's a horrible cliche, but life IS what you make it

Good luck!

Sarah xx


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6th Oct 2008 at 12:09 pm

learrggh -

Try being more independent.

If you need other people to enjoy activities, you're going to get frustrated, especially if you're getting bored with what others generally do for fun.

I don't have anything in common with the majority of people I meet.
If I hadn't learnt to break away from the pack, so to speak, I would be pretty damn miserable. It'd be great to have people I shared interests with, and I never stop looking, but til that happens, I'm content to go about things alone.

Albert Johanneson

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6th Oct 2008 at 12:57 pm

Albert Johanneson - Outside-left


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