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1st Jun 2008 at 7:07 pm

VR kicks ass!

Goddamn idiots at work paid me for the time I was doing Jury duty despite me telling them at least seven times that I was doing Jury duty and filling in a loss of earnings form from the court. Now I've been paid for a full month's work as well as the equivalent I should have lost from the court so I'm several hundred quid up.

Stupidly I decided to wait till after the weekend to tell anyone what had happened, went to London, got absoulutely off my face, decided to spend a stupidly large amount of money I didn't really have, had a f*cking brilliant time but now I don't really want to give the money back as I could really do with it. Now, every day that goes by takes me further away from being able to realistically own up and claim the time lapse between me geting paid and telling them about it was down to me not checking my bank statement.

Essentially, I'm thinking of just keeping quiet about it and claiming I thought that was what was supposed to happen if I get called on it but it's leaving me with some pretty thorny ethical issues to grapple with, besides the obvious stresses about what happens if I do get busted. I actually really hate my job but the money's good and I could do without the stigma of getting sacked for something like that on my CV or my family, friends or colleagues finding out.

So does anyone have any experience of something like this? Am I worrying over nothing or being a thieving b*st*rd? And who exactly am I robbing here? The taxpayer or my employers (who, let's be clear about this, had ample warning about what was happening and insisted I claim the money from the court, tight fisted scumbags as they are)?

Apologies for turning up here out of the blue with my troubles yet again but I can't really discuss this with anyone and would really, really appreciate some friendly advice.  

Chris Kamara

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1st Jun 2008 at 7:13 pm

Chris Kamara -

As it happens, one of the guys I'm working with is on Jury Duty next week. He's just filled out his forms so that the Government will pay his loss of wages; but he's also going to take on some overtime while he's away, so he'll end up better off.

If I was in your situation, I'd not even mention it and just act as though it's what you thought was meant to happen. If you were to get rumbled, just make a point of saying you're more than happy to pay it back and you weren't intent on ripping anyone off.

At the end of the day, Jury Duty is a pain in the a*se, so my advice is b*ll*cks to them, look out for number one and get what you can. With a bit of luck, no one will give a sh*t.

Sounds like your employers couldn't be arsed sorting it out properly in the first place anyway, so the chances of them even noticing what's happened is probably not likely.

Wing it. It'll be reet.


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1st Jun 2008 at 7:20 pm

VR kicks ass!

That's what I was thinking of doing to be honest but it still feels a bit wrong. I'm just going to take the line that it's my employers who are out of pocket as opposed to taxpayers to help me get over the "scrounger's guilt". It's their fault for not doing their jobs properly. Is it just where I work or are all HR departments this f*cking useless?

Thanks for the advice though. I can't really talk to anyone I know about this in case someone lets it slip to the wrong person so it's good to finally ahve someone else echo what I was thinking. Very reassuring.


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1st Jun 2008 at 7:23 pm

wombat - Technically sexy.

Technically sexy.

Yeah, personally I'd keep quiet about it and they'd probably not notice.

They can and will take it back though, so don't make a fuss if they ask for it.
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Albert Johanneson

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1st Jun 2008 at 8:09 pm

Albert Johanneson - Outside-left


In my last job i was almost double paid one month. I thought it was me finally getting my tax back after filling out all the relevant forms at work, but it turns out it was an admin error, which i only found out after going on a monumental weekend of debauchery and materialism. The overpayment was taken out of my next wage, which left me with £350 for a whole month. Basically, if you owe them money as an employee, they'll have a policy somewhere for the repayment. Best best is to speak to your line manager and see if you can extend it. Play the financial hardship card if need be.


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1st Jun 2008 at 8:50 pm

VR kicks ass!

Thanks for the advice, people, I'm definitely going with the "plead ignorance if busted" approach now.

I'm not well off by any means but it really wouldn't be too much bother to have to give them the money back all in one go. I could do without it, like, but it wouldn't leave me destitute by any stretch of the imagination.

I just really can't be arsed to chase around to get them to rectify their mistake and see hundreds of pounds leaving my account in the meantime.

Weirdly enough, I've been thinking about leaving for ages. The girl I've been half heartedly seeing has just moved abroad (the second time this has happened to me in the last year), my best mate had also upped sticks to Central America, probably for good this time and most of my other close friends have moved on. With this month's bumper payment, even taking into account a whole weekend of debauchery in London, my bank account's looking healthier than it has done in a long time. I had a kind of moment of realisation at about 8am last Sunday morning that maybe this is just the stroke of luck I need to get me serious about saving and stopping wasting my life in my office in this little back water (then again, that may have been the ket: ever notice how ket makes you think everything that's happening to you at the time is in some way fate?)

So, cheers, work, you may just have given me the inspiration to get out of here once and for all.

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