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11th Feb 2015 at 3:43 pm

PsyPo - The original potato.

The original potato.


I made this back in July and never thought to post it here until now, so better late than never. Here's the blurb I wrote up back then with a few exclusivish notes:


"Do your eyes deceive you? Kris is doing music again!?

Well, kinda... sorta... not really. In a way.

Following a recent burst of inspiration, plate change/imperative/urgent has literally EXPLODED into existence! (By "exploded" I mean cobbled together on a bit of computer software over a few days.) It's essentially a series of experiments in sampling, editing and audio manipulation.

Due to the..... somewhat demented nature of these constructs, I've decided to bill this album under a new pen name, Katso. Why Katso? Apologies to any Italian speakers out there.

Some bits of trivia:

- In tracks based on samples, titles allude to the source material via synonym play.

- I highly recommend headphones. Except on track 1. Where I definitely recommend them (don't)

- None of track 2 was written by anybody.

- Track 5 happened years before Katso was invented.

- The second voice on track 7 is, by sheer coincidence, my old history teacher from comp.

- Album contains the first, and only, instance of me performing a screamo vocal. Ever.

- You will not like this album.

Don't have nightmares!"


It costs no pounds. I made a proper bandcamp link and everything. Here it is:

Alternatively, a few days prior to sorting out that account I also uploaded it to my dropbox at [ -]this link.[/url] This version contains a different track 9, which I later replaced with the one on the bandcamp as I felt I was pushing my luck a bit. I like the newer one better, anyway.

Anyways, if it's even remotely possible, enjoy!
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