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The Zine Superhero

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10th May 2004 at 8:52 pm

The Zine Superhero - The Official Zine Superhero

The Official Zine Superhero

For those who do not currently have a band or do solo performances:

What genre would you be in? Solo or in a band, and called what? Influences? Cover versions you'd do if you had to do a 10 song cover album?

I'd be in a good rock group, called Boo Hoo Betty (my two nicknames a couple of years ago were "Boo Hoo" and "Betty" - don't ask).

Influences would be Pixies, Placebo, LostProphets, Ash, Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, The Clash, early Idlewild.

Cover versions:

Broken Face: Pixies
Paint It Black: Rolling Stones
Ziggy Stardust: David Bowie
Burn Burn: Lostprophets
Where is Charlie Brown?: Mercury Tilt Switch
LSF: Kasabian
Bigmouth Strikes Again: The Smiths
Come Home: Placebo
Envy: Ash
Hey Ya!: Outkast (I'd love to do a rock version of this, sort of Lostprophets meets Sex Pistols meets Placebo sound do it. I reckon it could work really, really well).
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10th May 2004 at 9:25 pm

i would be in a band, well not a conventional band with just guitars and drums, but members who can play various instrumentation... the name would probably change each album, so every album is a self-titled debut. (this is because i would make albums based on specific feelings, moods or musical concepts and i would want the title to reflect that without the band name distracting from the concept)

but it would be kinda spacey-proggy-electronicy-rocky music.... with hints of jazz.

influences: pink floyd, radiohead, mogwai, miles davis, other random stuff ive heard and stuck in my head...
pink floyd - atom heart mother (that would probably take up the whole cd, but meh..)
jimi hendrix - red house
nine inch nails - the day the world went away
beck - diskobox
ELO - mr blue sky
moloko - familiar feeling
a radiohead song.. undecided which one. maybe how to disappear completely or everything in its right place.
opeth - deliverance
eels - dog faced boy/thats not really funny
10 songs already? cant i squeeze in the obligatory wish you were here - pink floyd?

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10th May 2004 at 10:48 pm

Topper - Dismantling a person is sometimes necessary...

Dismantling a person is sometimes necessary...

I wouldn't be in a band, probably just try and produce some weirdy beardy electro.

So, genre wise, I'd say breakbeat/electronica.

I'd love to do remixes of certain tracks:

Idioteque- Radiohead.
Da Funk- Daft Punk
Block Rockin' Beats- The Chemical Brothers.
Song For Lindy- Fatboy Slim
Where's Jack the Ripper- Grooverider.
Phlange Phace- Aphex Twin.
Alive- Beastie Boys.
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots- Flaming Lips
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10th May 2004 at 10:55 pm

Hobbes - the hoopiest of all the froods

the hoopiest of all the froods

If I had a band we'd rule the world. That is all that I need to say.
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Albi The Racist Dragon

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11th May 2004 at 4:25 pm

Albi The Racist Dragon -

I'm in a sort of semi-band, in that we never seem to get anything done except individually, but it might work. At the moment it's called Piccadilly Fellowship, but I change my mind quite a lot, it was going to be Acid Fish Fellowship for ages.

Influences - New Order, Depeche Mode from 1989, Radiohead, Pixies

I'll get back to you on the covers.



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11th May 2004 at 5:34 pm

Tired/Happy -

If I was in a band, we'd probably be pretty slutty... and play grunge/indie stuff.

When we got really big, we'd let masses of plastic balls down on the crowd, and turn the place into a giant ball pool. And we'd have bubbles... and seamonkeys...
Not too sure about the music side of things, though.
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13th May 2004 at 1:01 pm

Silvan - Aurals Velupide!

Aurals Velupide!

I'd be in a rock/dance/electronica/funk kind of thing with possibly a few earthy, spacey sounds.

Influences: The Egg, some Pink Floyd, some Ozric Tentacles, Leftfield, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Orb.

^Will probably add more to that sometime.

As for covers, well I'd have to have a good think about that.
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13th May 2004 at 6:44 pm

Penfold - The thinker

The thinker

I'd love to be in a kind of old rocky sounding group like The Who. Or something heavy, maybe.

Influences The Who, hurricane party and everything else i've ever listened to.

Boris the spider - The Who

and erm...........um...........i'll have to think about the rest.......
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14th May 2004 at 4:42 pm

Rose - A very attractive man. Not me. Him.

A very attractive man. Not me. Him.

if i was in a band we'd play all different kinds of music and people would get confused at our gigs because we refused to get pigeon-holed into music genres dammit. i would play piano and do bv's mmm covers....

hallelujah - originally leonard cohen i think but listen to rufus wainwright for a good version
you got me - the kinks
all the young dudes - mott the hoople
dragon attack - queen
the philosophers song - monty python
teenage dream - t-rex
while my guitar gently weeps - the beatles
diamond dogs - david bowie
citizen erased - muse
filthy/gorgeous - scissor sisters
Anton Chekhov - Smash Hits

The Zine Superhero

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15th May 2004 at 12:19 am

The Zine Superhero - The Official Zine Superhero

The Official Zine Superhero

Velouria - The Pixies

*Mouth waters*
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