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20th Apr 2007 at 2:39 pm

29xthepain - the rotten egg of an angry political goose...

the rotten egg of an angry political goose...

Don't normally do this sort of thing, and to be honest haven't written anything for quite some time, but just came across an old notebook, so thought what the hell...!

there's a sign in the sky that says
jesus crossing, beware
in a flash, there's a crash
and the whole sky turns black

down on the ground, with faces upturned
eyes wide in wonder
the faithful rejoice in one voice
as the seas start to boil...

they call it the end of days
but the secret is known
this ain't no apocalypse
they're just greenhouse gases

it's crude but hey ho...
...I'm the all night drug-prowling wolf
Who looks so sick in the sun
Im the white man in the palais
Just lookin for fun...

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