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Been a while since I've been on here...

Anyway, just some updates for y'all:

• Moved VR to a new, faster server
• Now using MariaDB instead of SQLite for the backend, so it will be much much faster, especially for searching and things like. Also way more reliable and easy to backup
• Stopped the silly error where new threads couldn't be started because a folder got full up. Now it's in a proper database, that will never happen again.
• Fixed the forgot password function - it will actually send you a new password now. I didn't however make it a sensible feature... it just resets and emails you the new one.
• Fixed the complete inability to remove your ...(more)


Belated congratulations to Stu and Ania for getting married.


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Claire: YAAAY something to do at 3am
Claire: Top work as always, even if I don't understand half of that thread VR is faster than Usain Bolt now & if I log out it looks like everyone is talking to themselves which is always a bonus.
Captain Mal Reynolds: *insert witty comment here*
Rayanne Graff: i s'pose there's a first time for everything.
Captain Mal Reynolds: *insert "*insert retort here*" joke here*
oatibix: These are the things I could do without.
oatibix: I'm talking to myself
Captain Mal Reynolds: "You're never talking to yourself in a Shoutbox" - Corinthians Chapter 69, Verse 69
oatibix: *Colinthians
Claire: Bible parody? Next level parodyage. I don't like it as much as Beginning To Take Selfies, mind.
PsyPo: My obligatory "only shout of 2014". Hi to all me old muckers.
Rayanne Graff: Hi, Kris.
Seren Arian: There... there are still survivors?!
Captain Mal Reynolds: Yes. It's like Lost, but sh*t.
Captain Mal Reynolds: Well... it's like Lost.
the doc: Whee, VR works again. Cheers to Loony for getting me back in - been locked out for ages.