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James Aitken 1984 - 2014.

Thank-you to all who paid their respects.

Thank-you, James, for touching so many. (*snigger*). Oh you know he would have appreciated *that*.


Belated congratulations to Stu and Ania for getting married.


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Record Set: Aug 2014

PsyPo: Big shout to any of the old VR folks passing through, and sorry for making you jump.
Rayanne Graff: Like Kris Kross?
PsyPo: They're alright I guess, not a big fan.
Tiggs: Abloobloobloobloo
curly_cow: aloha
Claire: I NEED A WEE
Captain Mal Reynolds: Any wee? Because I know a guy...
Captain Mal Reynolds: He's into watersports
Captain Mal Reynolds: No really, He goes kayaking and windsurfing
Captain Mal Reynolds: And on weekends he p*sses on people for money
Captain Mal Reynolds: That's not how I know him though. We go to the same barber.
the doc: I am the undisputed king of an infinite amount of nothing
Tiggs: I am a biotic god
Luco El Loco: Have you been fighting Reapers?
Tiggs: Nah I'm too roly poly and short for that
oatibix: I'm biotic, you're biotic
Rayanne Graff: i'm biotic and so is my auntie.