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James Aitken 1984 - 2014.

Thank-you to all who paid their respects.

Thank-you, James, for touching so many. (*snigger*). Oh you know he would have appreciated *that*.


Belated congratulations to Stu and Ania for getting married.


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Record Set: Aug 2014

oatibix: thanks more where that came from soon
the doc: I thought it was pretty good too, our kid. Nice and lo-fi, just how I like it
the doc: Straws, could you see if you could find me the movie review thread, please?
Captain Mal Reynolds: Heh, my last post in it just made me laugh.
Claire: Smashing job breaking the shoutbox there, Bar'!
Captain Mal Reynolds: They don't call me Barry "The Shoutbox Breaker" for nothing, y'know!
Rayanne Graff: Stu: i just revived the thread thanks to Baz's link.
Rayanne Graff: Baz: i doubt it made anyone else laugh.
Captain Mal Reynolds: Well I doubt it made Ben Stiller laugh anyway. I'd say that post cut him deep. Cut him so deep.
Captain Mal Reynolds: Oh he can't handle my sarcasm.
the doc: Ta very much, both of you.
Rayanne Graff: You're welcome.
Captain Mal Reynolds: I'm almost 30.
Captain Mal Reynolds: I have a good job.
Captain Mal Reynolds: Professional career.
Captain Mal Reynolds: Currently taking the next step in my career.
Captain Mal Reynolds: Trying to buy my own house.
Captain Mal Reynolds: And I just googled "Clown Police"
Rayanne Graff: i doubt that anyone is surprised by the last sentence.