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James Aitken 1984 - 2014.

Thank-you to all who paid their respects.

Thank-you, James, for touching so many. (*snigger*). Oh you know he would have appreciated *that*.


Belated congratulations to Stu and Ania for getting married.


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Record Set: Aug 2014

Captain Mal Reynolds: So all of them.
Rayanne Graff: You nerds crack me up.
the doc: Great to see my good lady wife quoting my VR catchphrase
the doc: Belinda Carlisle again, motherf*ckers
Rayanne Graff: Stu: i even once said your catchphrase to you.
Rayanne Graff: On page 127 of Paula's ... bury someone alive Rants thread.
the doc: Haha, really? I'll have to look that one up, see if I remember it
Rayanne Graff: Yes, really.
Captain Mal Reynolds: Pfft... you nerds craic me up
Captain Mal Reynolds: (I'm Irish, that's how we spell it)
Rayanne Graff: i thought it was spelt it.
the doc: Alice, if you see this next time you're here, I replied to your PM
the doc: Hehe - Straws, just looked up that post you mentioned. I remember that, dimly.
James: Lightnin' Hopkins is better than Muddy Waters. Fight me.
Captain Mal Reynolds: If Lightnin' Hopkins is so great, how come I've never heard of him!